Throwing in the Towel…Sort of…

Several weeks ago, I decided I would up my game to posting blogs twice a week and checking in on my Facebook page at least one other time a week.

I’ve come to the realization that this is simply not sustainable with everything else going on in my life right now.

So I’m throwing in the 2-3 times a week towel, and I’m dialing it back to just once a week.

I don’t WANT to do this, but I NEED to do this.

I’ve spent so much time stressing out about trying to post on here and not posting on here that it’s affecting my desire to write anything else.

I want to reignite the fire that has only been smoldering the last couple of months.

I want to nourish that place inside where writing makes me happy.

Don’t get me wrong, y’all.

I am not in any way, shape, or form giving up for good.

Even boxers who throw in the towel get back up to fight other rounds.


I took on too much too soon, but I’m going to keep on practicing, and I’m going to make a comeback.

My plan is to take the next six weeks to recharge and also to gear up for National Novel Writing Month.

I’m only going to post once a week on here on Fridays, but I will still post an occasional update on my Facebook page, which you can find here.

Thanks for sticking with me, friends!

Much love,